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2015 WACKER NEUSON BFS1350 for sale $3,766

Road Construction / Concrete Cutters

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Title 2015 WACKER NEUSON BFS1350
Price From AUD $3,766 inc. GST
Listing Type New
Stock Number BFS1350
Refcode TA648095
Maximum cutting depth - mm 195
Hours 0

The BFS1350 is a compact, lightweight 20?/500mm floor cutting saw from Wacker Neuson. The perfect saw for patching and repair jobs, the weight of the engine keeps the blade down during cutting, providing a truly outstanding performance.


1) Safety
  • Ergonomically designed handle for continuous usage.
  • Reinforced blade guard for safety.
  • Lockable solid wheels.

2) Maintenance
  • Engine mounted above blade - stops blade lifting and improves blade life.
  • Long life air filter system.
  • Water bottle.

3) Reliability
  • Wacker Neuson has over 160 years of experience in designing and manufacturing equipment specifically for the construction industry.
  • Powered by a Honda petrol engine.

4) Versatility
  • Blade depth control.
  • Collapsible handle.
  • Top mounted water bottle.
  • Water sprinkler kit for use with diamond blades.

5) Cut Quality
  • Optimum blade speed for cutting.
  • Perfect weight balance on blade.

6) Accessories
  • Large range of genuine German blades available. (Note: Blade not included)

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